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Commodore Manuals

This collection of commodore manuals, instructions, schematics and technical information comes courtesy of the army of anonymous scanners of - together, they comprise a major swath of the most prominent manuals related to Commodore equipment, software, and procedures.


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Computer Manuals (Hardware and Software)
The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

commodore 66
program 51
data 48
disk 38
color 33
file 33
print 30
command 29
disk drive 28
pin 25
drive 22
parts list 20
power supply 19
error 18
screen 18
computer 16
printer 16
diskette 15
ceramic 14
monitor 14
pcb 14
device number 13
machine language 13
print head 13
mode 12
secondary address 12
output 11
pcb assembly 11
relative file 11
sprite 11
commands 10
format 10
input 10
rom 10
schematic 10
basic 9
carriage return 9
circuit theory 9
drive number 9
error message 9
files 9
key 9
memory 9
signal 9
bit map 8
ceramic ceramic 8
characters 8
circuit 8
motor 8
ram 8
check 7
clock 7
direct access 7
electrolytic 7
high voltage 7
memory location 7
paper feed 7
pin din 7
poke 7
port 7
record number 7
screen memory 7
serial bus 7
side sector 7
ascii 6
cbm 6
character 6
connector 6
file number 6
floppy disk 6
format string 6
formatting 6
logical file 6
power 6
printed 6
sequential file 6
service technician 6
step 6
address 5
amiga 5
assy 5
buffer 5
byte 5
coil 5
coil inductor 5
command channel 5
commodore business 5
diode 5
dos 5
drive motor 5
gnd 5
memory array 5
press play 5
press return 5
printer ribbon 5
sensor 5
shift key 5
techtopics 5
test 5
track 5
voltage 5
assembly 4
background color 4
bit image 4
block 4
cable 4
carriage 4
cassette 4
character string 4
din 4
disk errors 4
display 4
format control 4
function key 4
geos 4
horizontal 4
icon 4
issue 4
manual 4
modem 4
motor control 4
ohm 4
ond 4
parallel port 4
parts 4
personal computer 4
picture tube 4
pin assignment 4
pin configuration 4
press 4
printing 4
random number 4
relative files 4
rgb 4
rgbi 4
select 4
service manual 4
software 4
statement 4
stepper motor 4
tape 4
techtopics issue 4
text 4
vertical 4
video 4
video input 4
warranty 4
audio input 3
basic commands 3
baud rate 3
ceramic electrolytic 3
character set 3
chip select 3
click 3
color memory 3
command allows 3
commodore electronics 3
computer displays 3
crt 3
current 3
cursor 3
data bit 3
data block 3
defective 3
del 3
den 3
dollar sign 3
dot matrix 3
double width 3
dynamic ram 3
elect 3
esc 3
ferrite bead 3
ffi 3
graphics 3
head 3
interface 3
joystick 3
letter quality 3
load 3
low frequency 3
mouse 3
oder 3
open 3
operating system 3
power cord 3
prints 3
pseudo letter 3
relative 3
remove 3
ribbon 3
sector 3
serial 3
serial data 3
serial interface 3
service training 3
set 3
sie 3
slowly move 3
system disk 3
english 152
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Commodore Manuals
Topics: command, program, screen, mob, commodore, commands, return, basic, graphics, character, low col,...
Topics: program, memory, data, basic, expansion, print, poke, screen, future expansion, routine, mode...
Topics: logo, commodore, procedure, turtle, type, sprite, graphics, tutorial, input, procedures, current...
Topics: ida, sta, jsr, sector, bne, track, pointer, buffer, idx, current, drive number, active buffer, addr...
Topics: statement, mov, format, error, program, variable, file, fortran, runtime, integer, source code,...
Topics: rom, ram, cer, bus, memory, pin, address, data, voltage level, address bus, multiplexed address,...
Topics: file, command, bdos, disk, program, drive, function, system, error, guide, calling program, bdos...
Topics: program, print, color, sprite, computer, commodore, poke, data, file, disk, sustain level, file...
Topics: ceramic, pin, electrolytic, rom, color, port, ohm, output, clock, zener, ceramic electrolytic,...
Topics: poke, program, print, color, type, press, key, screen, memory location, goto, program exactly,...
Topics: program, sprite, basic, commodore, key, color, disk, command, screen, commands, graphics...
Topics: result, step, vdc, defective, ram, pin, signal, incorrect, test, port, troubleshooting guide,...
Topics: ohm, carbon, electro, color, cera, mylar, conn, diode, circuit, coil, deflection yoke, output...
Topics: diagnostic, ram, step, result, troubleshooting, pin, incorrect, defective, test, port, system...
Topics: assembler, program, file, operand, address, load, memory, command, data, error, pos pos, object...
Topics: file, disk, command, files, track, error, data, diskette, program, byte, serial bus, side sector,...
Topics: data, memory, program, bowen, specification, mode, command, system, system specification, disk,...
Topics: monitor, commodore, power, connector, turn, input, color, set, plug, cable, qualified service,...
Topics: program, sprite, basic, commodore, commands, screen, disk, command, color, key, graphics...
Topics: print, cbm, goto, data, return, hyperbolic, clr, error, print print, peek, serial clk, quantity...
Topics: esc, mps, manual, commodore, mode, print, ibm, printer, service manual, serial, double width,...
Topics: program, vicmon, command, screen, progrom, memory, ore, ond, quick trace, display, simply press,...
Topics: commodore, character, memory, data, screen, color, sprite, address, bit map, ram, ram bank, map...
Topics: cvj, assy, lii, lij, commodore, assy vic, iii, ffi
Topics: data, routine, kernal, buffer, jsr, interface, channel, output, gnd, byte, kernal open, gnd signal,...
Topics: data, program, cobol, pic, display, numeric, character, file, disk, statement, access mode, source...
Topics: disk, file, diskette, command, error, data, files, program, drive, basic, machine language, serial...
Topics: file, disk, diskette, command, error, sector, data, files, byte, program, sequential file, record...
Topics: ceramic, pcb, parts, commodore, elect, resistors, capacitors, schematic, assy, inductor, pcb...
Topics: program, sprite, commodore, color, data, poke, computer, print, ecom, disk, computer displays,...
Commodore Manuals
Topics: ted, byte, data, bit, rom, color, character, address, address bit, video, port bit, keyboard latch,...
Topics: print, printer, commodore, format, close, characters, formatting, open, printed, data, ribbon...
Topics: commodore, program, print, sprite, ond, data, color, poke, computer, screen, power supply, creating...
Topics: program, print, color, sprite, computer, disk, poke, data, file, commodore, random number, file...
Topics: disk, commodore, file, mvi, sta, mov, lxi, equ, command, lda, disk drives, operating system, call...
Topics: program, commodore, sprite, color, data, memory, screen, computer, print, poke, character string,...
Topics: ohm, diskette, commodore, pin, parts, pcb, schematic, fdd, parts list, chinon, rad cer, screw...
Topics: amiga, drive, cbm, genlock, warranty, commodore, issue, techtopics, hard drive, quantum, service...
Topics: commodore, ond, ore, power, magazine, moke, port, ony, power supply, commodore magazine, video...
Topics: commodore, monitor, plug, video, ttie, color, mode, cable, monochrome, set, service technician,...
Topics: sprite, command, array, basic, commands, program, print, arr, parameter, extension, sprite...
Topics: print, lprint, mps, hex, ascii, characters, esc, printer, graphics, mode, hex ascii, character set,...
Topics: disk, program, drive, statement, command, print, commodore, basic, commands, file, commodore...
Topics: disk, screen, modem, program, file, computer, key, commodore, buffer, ascii, pet ascii, disk read,...
Commodore Manuals
Topics: del, file, numero, con, comando, blocco, floppy, che, sono, dei, side sector, formato del, numero...
Topics: diag, disk, kit, assy, issue, align, amiga, manual, service manual, techtopics, diag manual, align...
Topics: disk, geos, file, click, note, files, desktop, icon, select, text, centronics parallel, ram...
Topics: ceramic, pin, electrolytic, port, rom, color, clock, output, oeramic, processor, pcb assembly,...
Topics: pcb, ceramic, ohm, commodore, resistors, datasette, parts, assembly, schematic, electrolytic,...
Topics: printer, mode, print, commodore, ribbon, cmd, printing, command, graphic, program, ribbon cassette,...
Topics: circuit, carriage, replace, pin, signal, motor, remove, catx, sensor, printer, print solenoid,...
Topics: dot, signal, print, sensor, head, ceramic, pcb, cpu, connector, pin, cpu sets, recovery spring,...
Topics: ceramic, motor, pcb, electrolytic, coil, drive, assembly, pin, assy, commodore, control pcb,...
Topics: ceramic, pin, electrolytic, color, clock, rom, port, output, oeramic, schematic, memory array,...
Topics: geos, upgrade, mouse, clicking, driver, joystick, icon, input, select, users, geos upgrade
Topics: cbm, amiga, commodore, issue, laptop, training, warranty, techtopics, service training, bios,...
Topics: modem, victerm, commodore, computer, menu, control, color, vicmodem, press return, screen,...
Topics: motor, pin, check, output, alp, pcb, circuit, drive, assembly, data, alps drive, stepper motor,...
Topics: custom, uuuuu, commodore, sssss, xxx, nla, warranty, ffi, ooooo, parts, sales division, yyyyy...
Topics: program, command, color, statement, key, screen, shift, print, press, commodore, print statement,...
Topics: enemy, mission, helicopter, joystick, ground, infiltrator, missile, adf, harrier, flight, warning...
Topics: pin, data, voltage, manual, low, output, clock, input, gate, commodore, truth table, logic diagram,...
Topics: disk, file, dos, data, error, command, bam, block, relative, commands, relative files, disk units,...
Topics: ceramic, pin, electrolytic, port, clock, rom, color, output, schematic, commodore, memory array,...
Topics: crt, pcb, waveforms, cvi, rev, vertical, display, cvj, scale, ffi, crt display, pcb waveforms,...
Topics: pin, data, input, output, low, commodore, gate, clock, array, rav, logic diagram, high voltage,...
Topics: lij, flq, cvi, commodore
Topics: disk, file, diskette, dos, error, program, drive, command, disk drive, commands, disk commands,...
Topics: interface, diskette, motor, stepper, current, erase, track, drive, honda, write, motor start, low...
Topics: print, printer, mode, commodore, printing, ribbon, graphic, program, print print, open, carriage...
Topics: file, disk, diskette, command, error, data, files, program, basic, drive, machine language, serial...
Topics: commodore, mouse, del, die, muis, souris, musen, joystick, del mouse, mode, registro pot, mode...
Commodore Manuals
Topics: commodore, press, sfx, cassette, program, sequence, note, voices, load, pressing, load sequence,...
Topics: program, color, sprite, commodore, screen, computer, print, data, variable, chapter, screen code,...
Topics: commodore, mode, disk, software, screen, cartridge, monitor, computer, reset, prepackaged, disk...